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Exclusive NCIS Abby collectibles celebrate all things Abby Scuito. Find NCIS t-shirts, mugs, goth jewelry and shoes -- all selected with this off-beat Goth forensic scientist in mind. Abby is Gibbs’ favorite, and yours, too!

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    • NCIS Abby Wig
    • The NCIS Abby Wig is the perfect topper to your Abby Sciuto costume. Whether you’re going full goth or full lab tech, the black wig features her signature short bangs and adorable pig tails for the fully Abby effect. read more
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    • NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs T-Shirts
    • NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs T-Shirts NCIS Team Abby T-Shirt Tell the world you love Abby! In bold red, this NCIS Team Abby T-shirt does the job. Offbeat, goth, and a penchant for the strange, this quirky lady has your heart in the palm of her hand, so go on and let her and… read more
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    • NCIS Abby Bobblehead
    • NCIS’ Abby is the happiest Goth you'll ever meet. As the forensic specialist for NCIS, this cute little kook is used to picking up on the details. And the NCIS Abby Bobblehead is full of details – from black knee-high creeper boots to bright red lipstick – that distinguish her from the… read more
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    • NCIS Abby Standee
    • CBS EXCLUSIVE! With this exclusive NCIS Abby standee from the official CBS Store, she'll always be nearby. And who doesn't love the whiz forensic specialist who is so adorable in all her gothness? Give this NCIS Abby cardboard standee of a life-size Abby to any hardcore fan, or  read more
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