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    • Green Lantern T-Shirt
    • Channel your inner geek, and wear a Green Lantern shirt just like the one Sheldon Cooper wears on The Big Bang Theory. This slim-fit Green Lantern T-shirt, available in green, is distressed washed to give it an awesome vintage look. Use your powers of logical deduction to find the Hal Jordan… read more
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    • Robot Evolution T-Shirt (Red)
    • A robot evolution shirt will be essential for pleasing our new overlords when the robots take over, so load up on TBBT shirts at The Big Bang Theory shop while there's still time. The roommates' predictions are never wrong, but even if they are, you or a TBBT fan you know will look great… read more
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    • The Green Lantern Logo Men's T-Shirt
    • The men's The Big Bang Theory t-shirt with the Green Lantern logo is far cooler than Leonard and Sheldon, brilliant physicists who understand difficult formulas and algorithms but are socially inept. That changes when free-spirited Penny moves in next door, and Leonard begins to see women,… read more
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