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Bazinga! You love Sheldon Lee Cooper and his socially awkward turtle friends on The Big Bang Theory. Shop for Sheldon T-Shirts and all the fun Bazinga merchandise as seen on The Big Bang Theory and show off your love for astrophysicists and the show!

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    • The Big Bang Theory Live Long Hoodie
    • If you've enjoyed Sheldon's Bazinga moments, then surprise your friends with this innovative live long and prosper hoodie. Keep your hoodie zipped up to send your friends a waving salute or pull down the zipper to greet them using the Star Trek Vulcan sign. Check out The Big Bang Theory… read more
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    • The Big Bang Theory 'Bazinga!' T-Shirt
    • The theory goes, when you explore how the universe works, and more importantly interact, or fail to, with people, especially with women, you might be a fan of The Big Bang Theory TV show! Wear a Bazinga t-shirt just like Sheldon’s Bazinga shirt that he wears on set and show you're a fan of… read more
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    • The Big Bang Theory Blue Bazinga Lounge Pants
    • When it’s time to unwind, there’s no better time to get down like Sheldon and the kids of Big Bang Theory! Whether you’re hatching a brilliant prank before bed or geeking out on a lazy Sunday, the Big Bang Theory Blue Bazinga Lounge Pants are the perfect casual home pants. The pants… read more
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    • The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Lounge Pants
    • Nothing is better than watching hilarious episodes of the Big Bang Theory in the comfort of your home while wearing these awesome red-and-yellow Bazinga pants. Featuring Dr. Sheldon Cooper's famous snappy tagline, these delightful lounge pants are the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any… read more
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    • Big Bang Theory Bazinga Tumbler
    • The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Tumbler can keep you liquids cold or hot! But, how does it do that? It's pure science. You won't understand, just believe us. This heavy, double-walled acrylic cup comes with a twist-on/twist-off lid and matching heavy, acrylic straw. Built to last and perform… read more
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