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Need gifts for mom, wife, daughter or all of the above? Shop gifts for her from the CBS gift guide and discover great Secret Santa gift ideas to stocking stuffers. If she loves Penny and Sheldon’s Soft Kitty, she’ll be tickled to receive Soft Kitty Slippers. Or if she’s a fan of NCIS’ Abby, get her Abby’s Caf Pow cup or a Black Lace Parasol.

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    • Survivor Jeff Probst Standee
    • Want Jeff Probst to attend your next Survivor party? He can always show up when you get the life-size Jeff Probst cardboard cutout. Order your CBS Survivor cardboard cutout and impress all your friends with Survivor host Probst standee! read more
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    • NCIS Abby Bobblehead
    • NCIS’ Abby is the happiest Goth you'll ever meet. As the forensic specialist for NCIS, this cute little kook is used to picking up on the details. And the NCIS Abby Bobblehead is full of details – from black knee-high creeper boots to bright red lipstick – that distinguish her from the… read more
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    • NCIS Abby Black Lace Parasol
    • Just like Abby in NCIS, this lace parasol is dark and dangerously chic! Add a little edge to your look with this gothic, feminine canopy-ridged parasol. As seen on Abby, the wicked parasol features pure elaborate Battenberg lace with a wooden handle for a luxurious look that will add style… read more
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    • Two and a Half Men Ctrl Alt Del Pillow Set
    • Get the look of the Walden home and tip your hat to the three finger salute with these Ctrl Alt Delete throw pillows, seen in "Two and a Half Men." Chiropractor Alan Harper and Internet whiz Walden Schmidt know a thing or two about needing a reboot. Whether battling a computer bug or… read more
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    • The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Backpack
    • Tote the Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Backpack when you’re on the go. This bag features Soft Kitty’s face on the front and ears that poke up from the top, and plenty of space for your special cargo. You can take comfort in knowing that your possessions are in good soft kitty hands and keep… read more
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