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The CBS Store celebrates nine memorable seasons of How I Met Your Mother with products seen on and inspired by the life and times of Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin. If you live by the Bro Code or just want to share the story of How I Met Your Mother, go on and shop for Barney Stinson’s how to guides and How I Met Your Mother quote shirts and DVDs. The HIMYM Store makes it easy for bros with T-shirts that spell it out: “When a bro is with his bros, he is not vegetarian.”

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    • How I Met Your Mother Ducky Tie
    • The ducky tie seen in How I Met Your Mother became an iconic piece of television culture as soon as Barney Stinson uttered, “Challenge Accepted!” The memorable tie was the center of a bet between Marshall and Barney in which Barney had to exactly replicate the cooking tricks of the… read more
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