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NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs T-Shirts
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NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs T-Shirts

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NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs T-Shirts

NCIS Team Abby T-Shirt
Tell the world you love Abby! In bold red, this NCIS Team Abby T-shirt does the job. Offbeat, goth, and a penchant for the strange, this quirky lady has your heart in the palm of her hand, so go on and let her and fellow Abby fans that you are officially a legit member of Team Abby.

NCIS Team Gibbs T-Shirt
Go Team Gibbs! Gibbs is NCIS’s Special Agent in Charge, also known as “the boss.” So when you wear the NCIS Team Gibbs T-shirt, you tell the world in plain and simple English that you are Gibbs’ biggest fan and that you, too, have serious respect for the military. This attractive navy shirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in slim fit for sizes small to XXL, perfect for every Gibbs guy.

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