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NCIS Abby Ball Chain Bracelet
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NCIS Abby Ball Chain Bracelet

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  • Additional Details
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 9" long
  • Gender: unisex
  • Includes: oversized ball/chain closure
  • Made Of: stainless steel
The NCIS Abby Ball Chain Bracelet is inspired by a piece in the Goth crime fighter's personal collection. This is a classic Goth look–the ball chain used as jewelry first gained popularity in the early days of Punk rock (1979). Goth was a Punk splinter movement alongside the likes of Mod, Ska, Psychobilly and Industrial. Abby takes her personal style from this period, adding more modern touches to her look with multiple tattoos. Abby's work ethic, kind heart and dedication are all authentic Punk/Goth traits. The NCIS Abby Ball Chain Bracelet is a key part of this style. Use it as a launching point for your own Goth look, or add it to the cultivated style you already have for extra impact.

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