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NCIS Team McGee Women's T-Shirt
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NCIS Team McGee Women's T-Shirt

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  • Additional Details
  • Color: Black
  • Fit: Slim
  • Gender: Women's sizing
  • Made Of: 100% Cotton
While DiNozzo has a few colorful names for him – Probie, McGeek, McQueen, McGoo, Probie wan Kenobi – you know and love him as Special Agent McGee! From computers to the occasional boy scout know how, McGee is a whiz. That’s probably why Abby has/had a thing for him, too. It’s complicated. Well, don’t be shy, ladies! Show the world you’re his biggest fan with the NCIS Team McGee Women's T-Shirt in black! Made of 100% cotton with sizes small to XL, this shirt’s for every McGee gal.

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