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Choose Sheldon's T-shirts when you want to make an intelligently designed decision about your wardrobe. Penny may not fully appreciate these bold 100% cotton t-shirts based on comic book heroes and Sheldon's favorite sayings, like a Bazinga shirt, but you will. Get Sheldon's shirts to prove the next big theory. Girls and math teachers alike will be tripping over themselves when they see you in Sheldon Cooper shirts.

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    • Robot Evolution T-shirt (Black), Black
    • "Support Dr. Sheldon Cooper's hypothesis about the future of mankind's evolutionary path with this Robot Evolution shirt. Like all TBBT shirts, this one will help you relive some of the show's funniest moments with Sheldon, Leonard, and the gang. This black 100 percent cotton men's tee from… read more
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    • Robot Evolution T-Shirt (Red)
    • A robot evolution shirt will be essential for pleasing our new overlords when the robots take over, so load up on TBBT shirts at The Big Bang Theory shop while there's still time. The roommates' predictions are never wrong, but even if they are, you or a TBBT fan you know will look great… read more
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