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Star Trek

Take your Star Trek collection to the next galaxy with the wide selection of Star Trek merchandise from the CBS store. You can get costumes to look like the crew of the USS Enterprise, mugs with your favorite mugs on them, and clever T-shirts that all show you’re a serious Star Trek fan.

    • Star Trek What Happens in the Holodeck T-Shirt
    • The holodeck couldn’t even create a representation of reality as awesome as you in this shirt. The Star Trek What Happens in the Holodeck T-Shirt features the phrase “What Happens in the Holodeck stays in the Holodeck” in a style reminiscent of the Holodeck panels’ interface and is printed… read more
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    • The Big Bang Theory Live Long & Prosper T-Shirt
    • If you're looking for fun Big Bang Star Trek shirts to add to your wardrobe, this blue standard-fit Live Long and Prosper shirt is just what you need. This stylish T-shirt is made of 100 percent cotton, and it displays Sheldon Cooper performing the renowned Vulcan greeting. Browse the TBBT… read more
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    • The Big Bang Theory Transportation T-Shirt
    • Not one to travel like any earthling, Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s mode of transportation is a cut above, but you already knew that! Show off “cool” modes like transporters, giant ants, jetpacks, hoverboards, and the Batmobile with this Big Bang Theory Transportation t-shirt. When you don this… read more
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    • The Big Bang Theory Vulcan Poster
    • The Big Bang Theory Vulcan Poster Though he tends to do everything with intensity, in this collectable Sheldon Cooper poster he looks merely mild mannered and, dare we say it, soft spoken. Get this unique Big Bang Theory poster that shows THE Dr. Sheldon Cooper in watercolor and pen… read more
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