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Star Trek

You fit right in with sci-fi junkies Sheldon and the guys, just like Star Trek on the Big Bang Theory – one in the same family! Shop for Star Trek shirts on the Big Bang Theory store and enjoy some wisdom from Mr. Spock with influences of Sheldon Cooper. For you and The Big Bang Theory Star Trek geeks you know, shop our big selection of gifts!

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    • Star Trek Spock Wig
    • So, human, you have decided to dress as Mister Spock? The only logical thing to do is don this wig for an accurate look. Get his iconic bowl cut without committing with the Star Trek Spock Wig. The best part is, you could also be dressing as Sheldon, dressing as Spock. How meta. read more
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    • Star Trek Sulu Oh My T-Shirt
    • Every situation is made instantly more dramatic with a deep “Oh my!” from the mouth of George Takei. Get the Star Trek Sulu Oh My T-Shirt and add an “Oh myyy!” to all of your encounters. The soft blue tee features Sulu’s in black and yellow with is known phrase. Add this 100% cotton tee to… read more
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    • Star Trek Trek Yourself T-Shirt
    • Follow Spock's example and check yourself before you end up in trouble with the Star Trek Trek Yourself T-Shirt. The 100% cotton T-shirt's clever line Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself is accompanied by a Vulcan solute and the Starfleet insignia. read more
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