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Fans everywhere love the complex and always amusing dynamics of Leroy Gibbs and his team of nautical crime scene detectives, who solve mysteries with the most baffling clues. Join the team with our exclusive apparel like NCIS t-shirts and hoodies. From women's slim-fitting t-shirts to men's cut t-shirts – there’s an NCIS t-shirt for you. Or if you’re looking for elite honorary membership, look no further than our NCIS jackets featuring “Special Agent” just like the one NCIS investigators wear!

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    • NCIS Abby Cameo Women's V-Neck T-Shirt
    • It’s true, she will always be the favorite. Show that Abby Sciuto’s your favorite with the NCIS Abby Cameo Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt. The soft heather grey tee features an illustration of the NCIS Forensic Specialist to look like a cameo carving in a gothic style oval frame. The shirt captures… read more
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    • NCIS 'Gibbs Makes His Own Rules' T-Shirt
    • This red Gibbs rules shirt features the phrase ''Gibbs Makes His Own Rules'' and will remind everyone that Gibbs is the main man in charge on NCIS. Slip on this 100 percent cotton shirt whenever you feel the need to ignore the ideas of others and play by your own rules. The comfortable shirt… read more
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    • NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs T-Shirts
    • NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs T-Shirts NCIS Team Abby T-Shirt Tell the world you love Abby! In bold red, this NCIS Team Abby T-shirt does the job. Offbeat, goth, and a penchant for the strange, this quirky lady has your heart in the palm of her hand, so go on and let her and… read more
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    • NCIS Team Gibbs T-Shirt
    • Go Team Gibbs! Gibbs is NCIS’s Special Agent in Charge, also known as “the boss.” So when you wear the NCIS Team Gibbs T-shirt, you tell the world in plain and simple English that you are Gibbs’ biggest fan and that you, too, have serious respect for the military. This attractive navy… read more
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    • NCIS The Boss T-Shirt
    • With an NCIS t-shirt The Boss featuring lead investigator Gibbs, there's no doubt who's in charge — not that there ever was. Gibbs, the man of few words, is featured on this comfortable 100% cotton silver shirt. Give The Boss NCIS shirt as a memorable NCIS gift, or add one to your collection. read more
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