Captain the U.S.S. Cerritos with Official Star Trek: Lower Decks Gear

Is there anything cooler than helping run a starship alongside Brad Boimler, D’Vana Tendi, Becket Mariner, Rutherford and the rest of the crew? From holodeck waste removal (this may be considered a borderline prison task, depending on who you ask) to recording your Captain’s log in a supply closet, being aboard the U.S.S. Cerritos is an out-of-this-world experience. Get ready to feel like an official crew member on this beloved starship (or least beloved...still depends on who you ask) with official Star Trek: Lower Decks gear. Complete with Star Trek: Lower Decks apparel, accessories, and drinkware, the CBS Store has something for every fan.

Every newbie needs a little help along the way, which is exactly what Badgey is here for! Sure, he may be a little aggressive, but you can show the universe that he means well by wearing the Star Trek: Lower Decks Badgey Lesson Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Once you feel like you have a good grip on navigating your starship, be sure to show off how proud you are to be on it with the Star Trek: Lower Decks NCC-75567 Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt. With the iconic starship on the front and “Property of U.S.S. Cerritos'' on the back, this tee is perfect for any crew member aboard Starfleet’s most famous second-contact flagship.

Of course, learning a bunch of lessons means that you deserve to blow off some steam with your fellow crew members. No matter your beverage of choice, you will love reaching for the Star Trek: Lower Decks Cerritos Bar Logo Rocks Glass while discussing your day with your friends. Would you rather bring your own concoction because you spent the day removing holodeck waste? Show up to your friend’s quarters with the Star Trek: Lower Decks Cerritos Bar Logo Stainless Steel Flask in hand to take the edge of the day off. 

While in your quarters with your friends, you can show off your stellar decorating skills by pointing to the Star Trek: Lower Decks Swag Recruiting Premium Satin Poster on your wall. With Ensign Boimler, this poster is perfect for any fan of the series. You can also take a group selfie that you will cherish for lightyears to come with the Star Trek: Lower Decks Dr. T'ANA Standee.

If you still have some energy in you, then get ready to have a rockin’ night by seeing the Zebluon Sisters perform the Chu Chu Dance. By wearing the Star Trek: Lower Decks Chu Chu Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt, everyone will know that you are the biggest fan of this dance. 

After a fun night, you will need a little pick-me-up, including a cup of strong coffee in your new Star Trek: Lower Decks Beverage Containment System Personalized Travel Mug. If you prefer to enjoy your coffee in your quarters, then the Star Trek: Lower Decks Property Of Mug was made for you. Do you already have a mug that you love, but want to show some love for your starship? Slap the Star Trek: Lower Decks Combadge Sticker on it and head out into the universe in style. This sticker is also perfect for tablets, notebooks, laptops, and more.

Whether you are a new crew member or a seasoned captain on the U.S.S. Cerritos, you will love adding Star Trek: Lower Decks gear to your style. Shop Star Trek: Lower Decks apparel, accessories, and drinkware today on the CBS Store.