CBS Wants To Help You Treat Yourself!

What better way to watch your favorite network than to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show in your favorite apparel? Don’t stop there, though, because who wouldn't want to pair apparel from their favorite shows with accessories as well? With all the new episodes and new seasons, you need to keep up in nothing but comfort. The Treat Yourself collection is packed with apparel, accessories, and drinkware to help you enjoy your favorite CBS shows in the best way possible. 

Settle into your couch or favorite chair in style and comfort with the NEW Big Brother Robe to watch your favorite houseguests. The only pair almost as good as you and a new Big Brother episode is the NEW Big Brother Robe and a pair of Big Brother HOH Slippers. And don’t stop there, we won’t judge you for socks and slippers as you wear your Survivor The Tribe Has Spoken Knit Socks or the Criminal Minds Baby Girl Socks! It’s been said that socks and sipping a drink from your favorite mug are a better pair than PB&J, but you can try it out by treating yourself with the bold, beautiful, Young and The Restless Crimson Lights Mug

Comfort and style are great, but don’t let your wine nights with your favorite episodes be a bore. Show off your love for action dramas and your favorite beverage with the NCIS Gibbs Slap Laser Engraved Stemless Wine Glass or your favorite soap opera with some sangria using the Young and the Restless Grand Phoenix Laser Engraved Stemless Wine Glass! When treating yourself to your favorite show, comfortable apparel, and your favorite beverage, nothing can go wrong.

For those that love being comfortable and enjoying style while doing it, the Criminal Minds Distressed Bau Quantico Velveteen Blanket is right up your alley. As great as your favorite apparel is like comfortable Survivor socks or a stylish Big Brother robe, don’t forget to treat yourself to your favorite meal or late-night snack. The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Logo Laser Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board is the perfect accessory to help you settle down to watch your favorite shows with your favorite food to pair with it. You should always treat yourself no matter what, and CBS is here with the ‘Treat Yourself’ collection to help you do just that!