Fall in Love with Official Love Island Merch

Ah, love. It makes our hearts race fast, sends butterflies through our stomachs, and makes our eyes do that weird googly thing each time we see that special person. Of course, there is something else that will give us a similar feeling: Adding official Love Island merch to your style. Featuring Love Island apparel, accessories, and drinkware, the Love Island Collection on the CBS Store has everything you need to feel like an islander looking for love.

Speaking of feeling like an islander, fans of Love Island will fall in love with wearing the ultra-cozy Love Island Islander Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt. Whether you are heading out of your luxurious villa on a breezy night or are settling in for a Love Island marathon, this Love Island hoodie will keep you comfortable and feeling like an official islander with each wear. You can also prove to fellow bachelors and bachelorettes that you will never leave their side with the Love Island #Loyal Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt. After all, what is love without loyalty?

If you are looking to stay cool during those hot, steamy island days without sacrificing style, then the Love Island Flamingo Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt was made for you. Vibrant and comfortable, this Love Island t-shirt will leave you with hearts in your eyes each time you look at yourself in the mirror. If you are feeling too hot to handle in your Love Island merch, we suggest taking a sip of water from the Official Love Island Personalized Water Bottle to keep hydrated and cool. 

OMG. Did you hear that? While you were admiring yourself in the mirror wearing your new Love Island merch, you got a text! Whether it’s something exciting, dramatic, or scandalous, the iconic text is always bound to shake things up. Show off how much you love hearing the words, “I’ve got a text” by wearing the eye-catching Love Island I've Got A Text Purple Pattern All Over Print Women's Crop Top. No matter what the text says, this Love Island crop top ensures that you will take it in stride and style. 

Speaking of stride, you will most likely be exploring the island just as much as you explore potential love interests. Make sure to keep all of your essentials in the spacious Love Island Pattern Flamingo All Over Print Premium Tote Bag. This Love Island tote is so stunning, you might just fall in love with it instead of other islanders. 

Of course, if someone catches your eye, let them know that you are looking for the real thing with the Love Island LOVE Adult Short Sleeve T-Shirt. After all, why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear this tee instead?

You know what they say: Love (and new Love Island merch) is all you need. Whether you are looking for love or looking to watch others fall in love, the Love Island Collection on the CBS Store has something for every Love Island fan. Shop Love Island apparel, accessories, and drinkware on the CBS Store today.