Outwit, Outplay, & Outlast with the Survivor BUFF© Collection

The terrain may change in Survivor, but one thing remains the same: you must outwit, outplay, and outlast until the very end. That is why wearing a Survivor BUFF© is essential to being the Sole Survivor. Featuring styles from various seasons of Survivor and a multifunctional design that can protect you from sun, sweat, and other elements, the Survivor BUFF©s Collection lets you keep your head in the game and your style on point.

If you want a Survivor BUFF© as unique as you are, then we suggest the Survivor The Tribe Has Spoken BUFF©. This limited edition, one-run BUFF© is exclusive to the CBS Store and lets everyone know that you are in it to win it. Do you want to commemorate all of your favorite Survivor seasons? Then the limited-edition Survivor Commemorative 20 Years 40 Season BUFF© is perfect for you. Celebrating the last 20 years and 40 seasons of Survivor, this BUFF© shows off just how big a fan you are.

Of course, everyone has a favorite season and tribe of Survivor. If you enjoyed watching Survivor: Winners At War, then the Survivor Koru Tribe BUFF©  lets you show off your love for Season 40 and the Koru Tribe. If you can’t decide between two Survivor BUFF© styles, then we have great news. You can bundle and save with The Survivor BUFF© Bundle that lets you enjoy The Tribe Has Spoken BUFF© and Commemorative BUFF©.

The conditions on Survivor can break even the strongest players, but with the Survivor BUFF© Collection that offers 4-way ULTRA-STRETCH, Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable material, and UPF 50 Sun protection, you’re sure to last through to the end.